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My aim was to keep the recipes from my family and friends not forgotten but going on to the next generation..
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:: Lentil and potato kofte, Fofo ::

1 cup fine bulgur
1/2 cup red lentil
2 medium potatoes
1 big onion
1/2 cup olive oil + few Tbsps for the onions
1 full Tbsp. tomato paste
1 full Tbsp. Pepper paste (mild or hot according to taste)
1 Tbsp. Pomegranate molasses
1 full tsp. Cumin
1 bunch fresh parsley


Put the lentil in water enough to cover it, add salt and let boil on low heat.
Peel the potatoes wash and cut in pieces, add to the boiling lentil.
Stir, and add more some boiling water if needed. Let cook well until the lentil becomes creamy. Once done, Mash the potato pieces in it with a fork and add the mixture to the washed and well drained bulgur, mix and let cool.
Mince the onion and saute in few table spoons of oil + dash of salt on low heat until golden color. Let cool.
Add the tomato and pepper paste, Pomegranate, cumin and the sauted onions to the bulgur mixture. Mix all with hands very well.
At last add the half cup of olive oil and the minced parsley, mix again.
you may spread it on a plate and decorate with parsley or prepare small bites by squeezing it slightly in one hand to shape it and placing them on a serving dish.

Serve with a salad and/or pickles .

Note : could be wrapped with lettuce leaves, or served in the lettuce leaves ..

If desired, sauteed onion +walnut+ parsley could be served on the side or sauted minced meat and onions.

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