Backing Entrepreneurs With Knowledge

Experience and Networked Capital

RK Ventures identifies entrepreneurs who are passionate about their vision and who have the skills and experience to make that vision a reality. RK has worked with companies across a variety of sectors, though primarily within financial services, software, and healthcare.

Long Term Success

RK Ventures has had success in generating follow-up on investments from major venture capitalists in virtually all of our deals. Our group initially invests between $500,000 to $2 million and consistently participates in later rounds.

Leverage Our Network

RK Ventures leverages the network and expertise of our group members to identify promising investment opportunities. We then work with our portfolio companies to help them obtain both operational and financial traction and to prepare them for larger institutional investment rounds.

Strong Management

We believe in the power of great ideas but we recognize that people are the key to turning great ideas into great business ventures.

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Current Investments

Recent News

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