Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc. is a molecular imaging company that is a pioneer in developing radiopharmaceuticals for imaging Alzheimer's disease pathology. Avid’s technology for detecting Alzheimer’s has the potential to drastically improve treatment for patients, since patients can be diagnosed earlier, and large pharma will have reliable methods to determine the effectiveness of their drugs.
Co-investors: Eli Lilly Ventures, Pfizer Strategic Investments Group, Safeguard Scientifics, and AllianceBernstein

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Concerro developed and sells software that helps hospitals better manage their staffing challenges (most notably, the extreme shortage of nurses) by allowing nurses and other staff to bid on shifts in their hospital.
Co-Investors: Aperture Venture Partners, Carrot Capital, Himalaya Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures

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Edusoft is a web-based assessment platform used to help school districts, administrators, teachers and parents track student performance on state standards through three kinds of tests: state exams, district benchmarks, and in-class teacher tests. Their testing and reporting solution gives districts the information they need to help improve instruction and student performance.

Purchased by Houghton Mifflin in 2003. 

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Hx Technologies Inc (HxTI) is an information technology and healthcare services company that works with payers, providers, and patients to improve outcomes and better manage costs by enabling the seamless and secure flow of clinical data between healthcare organizations.

Hx Technologies was purchased by MEDecision in 2009.

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Icor Brokerage is an electronic brokerage system that trades complex derivative contracts, such as foreign exchange options and interest rate swaps.  These contracts could formerly only be traded via live voice brokers.  Reuters purchased Icor in 2004.

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nCircle Network Security is spearheading a proactive approach to security. Its primary products protect computer networks from security threats and exposure by continually monitoring all devices on a network and assessing vulnerabilities.

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Redpoint Bio (formerly named Linguagen) uses innovative technology to develop novel and healthful taste enhancers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Redpoint Bio believes that the development of more healthful and tasteful foods presents an important opportunity (and cost-effective strategy) to improve the overall health of the world’s population, since many modern diseases are related to excess dietary sugar and salt.
Co-Investors: Cargill Ventures, Dupont Ventures, Danisco Ventures, Aperture Venture Partners, NJTC Venture Fund

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Rackspace Managed Hosting provides managed Web hosting services to enterprises of all sizes. They supply all the servers, software, bandwidth and management needed to run almost any hosted application – from Internet to enterprise. They run three state-of-the-art, secure data centers – two in San Antonio, Texas, and one in London, England. Their main selling point is “fanatical support,’ and ’99.99% uptime.’

Rackspace underwent a successful Initial Public Offering in the fall of 2008, and is now traded under the symbol RAX on the NYSE.

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Perform.com offered a broad set of HR software solutions ranging from HR administration to employee performance management.   The assets of Perform.com were purchased by Workstream in 2004.

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